AKI AORA| Dogtown series Part 1
AN ALL FEMALE   residency that is Intersectional and multidisciplinary. An all female summit to empower and support women, listen to their failures, successes and Ideas. Participants will stay at Rancho Sarah  and host dialogues on the current global crisis as well as a dialogue on the different perspectives that will result in a publication (Print-book or magazine and digital).

DOGTOWN - According to legend, 'Dogtown' (Cape Ann, Massachusetts) got its name from the dogs that women kept for protection and companionship while their husbands were away fighting the American Revolution. At its peak in the mid-1700s, Dogtown was home to as many as 100 families.

1812 still having a reputation for housing witches. The Queen of the Witches would receive gifts from travelers.
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Dogtown is an initiative by AKI AORA